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Following are the variety of laminate countertops available through Brassai's Woodworking.

Postform countertops generally have curved leading edges and attached 4" backsplash all in one piece. We don't recommend postform countertops for L-shaped counters or any other than straight runs. The mitered seam required tends to absorb moisture and can spread over time.

Self-Edge countertops have a straight square edge and a low backsplash (if desired) that is generally provided as a separate piece. This is attached to the wall with construction adhesive, and sealed to the countertop deck with clear silicone to eliminate the penetration of moisture.

Beveled Edge countertops represent a compromise between the postform and the self-edge. The leading edges are beveled and countertops as big as 5'X12' can still be seamless.

Wood Edge countertops can also be produced in a variety of wood species and finishes. Harder woods are generally selected for enhanced durability.

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