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The Cabinet Maker

Brassai's Woodworking was founded in 2002 By Imre Brassai. Imre is a real craftsman, a woodworker by heart. Our company has embraced his love of the craft in everything we do. For you, the homeowner, this is a real treat. In these days of imported mass-produced "ticky-tacky", it is nice to find someone who still cares about the product and who has the skill to bring that care to life. It is this care and this skill that has built the Brassai’s Woodworking Company.

We operate for a 2000 square foot shop using decades of woodworking skill and experience. We combine techniques from the past with the most advanced computer design and kitchen layout technologies of the New Economy. This assures you the most productive, efficient production of your kitchen while retaining the quality and craftsmanship you want. For competitive quality cabinets, it is hard to do better than Brassai’s.

We are not a large factory that mass produces boxes. Instead, we build custom kitchens. The cabinets we build are built for you. Our job is to satisfy each customer, one at a time. This is how you get real quality.

Your kitchen will be one of the most used rooms in your home. You will use it every day, several times a day. Your kitchen is important. The quality of the cabinets in your kitchen is important. Shouldn't you turn to real craftsmen for those cabinets, craftsmen like those at Brassai’s Woodworking?

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