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1. Single Wall Kitchen

Perfect for limited spaces

  • Open and airy layout
  • Easy to cook and maneuver
  • Works well with island for additional food preparation or storage space

2. Single Wall Kitchen w/ island

Perfect for larger kitchens

  • Maximize storage
  • Add counter space
  • Use the island for one of the kitchen work centers

3. Galley Kitchen

Ideal for smaller kitchens

  • Easy for one cook to maneuver
  • Appliances are close to one another
  • Step-saving convenience

4. L-Shapped Kitchen

Flexibility and step-saving convenience.

  • Ideal for smaller spaces
  • Easy for one cook to maneuver

5. U-Shaped Kitchen

Popular and practical design

  • Ample counter space
  • Ideal for limited spaces
  • Efficient work flow

6. G-Shaped Kitchen

U-Shaped kitchen with an additional line of cabinets.

  • Multi functional work area
  • Cabinet line can be used an eating area
  • Kitchen designed for multiple cooks
  • Ideal for entertaining


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